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Design Route

A. Logo Premade $9+

You get to select a pre-designed, Modurist Original logo. We add your team name & color to it and ship it your way. Quick and easy.

Modurist Original
< 24hr Delivery
Custom Team Name
Custom Team Color


Not 100% Custom
Not Exclusive

B. Logo from Scratch $25+

We start from scratch and design a 100% custom Modurist Original logo exclusively for your team. Sweet!

Modurist Original
100% Custom
Multiple Resolutions
Multiple Color Schemes (Advanced+)
Source files & Copyright (Pro)


~ 72hrs Delivery
More Expensive
Limited Spots

C. Custom Branding $45+

We can take care of your Twitch, YouTube and Twitter branding. All custom. We deliver stream overlays, video end-slates, thumbnails, banners, headers and any other graphic you might need for your channels.

D. Custom Jersey $45+

We also design custom jerseys for your esports team/org. Fully branded with your logo, your sponsor's logos and you also get permission to sell the apparel in your shop if you want!

E. Premade & Custom Website Design $75+

We can design your website, deploy it online and host it at no extra cost.

Esports organizations, small teams, streamers, youtubers or regular gamers -- everyone deserves a top-notch, minimalist website!

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What makes us tick!

10/10 - through the whole process the modurist design team were helpful, understanding and cooperative, even assisting us with setting up payment options. Received above and beyond what was expected, such high quality graphics for such an affordable price. Definitely going to recommend anyone searching for a designer to modurist. You should be proud of yourselves.

7sins OCE eSports

27 Dec 2018


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