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Choose Your
Design Route

A. Logo Premade $9+

You get to select a pre-designed, Modurist Original logo. We add your team name & color to it and ship it your way. Quick and easy.

Modurist Original
< 24hr Delivery
Custom Team Name
Custom Team Color


Not 100% Custom
Not Exclusive

B. Logo from Scratch $25+

We start from scratch and design a 100% custom Modurist Original logo exclusively for your team. Sweet!

Modurist Original
100% Custom
Multiple Resolutions
Multiple Color Schemes (Advanced+)
Source files & Copyright (Pro)


~ 72hrs Delivery
More Expensive
Limited Spots

C. Custom Branding $45+

We can take care of your Twitch, YouTube and Twitter branding. All custom. We deliver stream overlays, video end-slates, thumbnails, banners, headers and any other graphic you might need for your channels.

D. Custom Jersey $45+

We also design custom jerseys for your esports team/org. Fully branded with your logo, your sponsor's logos and you also get permission to sell the apparel in your shop if you want!

E. Premade & Custom Website Design $75+

We can design your website, deploy it online and host it at no extra cost.

Esports organizations, small teams, streamers, youtubers or regular gamers -- everyone deserves a top-notch, minimalist website!

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I found the cooperation with the modurist team very good! The intensive advice and the price-performance ratio is definitely right!I would recommend it to anyone! 10 out of 10!


28 Oct 2018


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