January Changelog

Modurist Changelog

Deployed: January 29, 2020

Modurist Changelog January 2020

New wind

Since the year started, we’ve been working constantly: client work, website changes and new year resolutions. This is good, exactly what we needed!


Here are several modifications to the project this January:

– backed up most of the old project files (if you ordered 2016+ we should have your backup)

– removed all 3rd party website queries (external JS, Bootstrap CSS, etc) in an ongoing effort to enhance your privacy

– drastically increased security and privacy by dropping G-mail for Proton as our email provider (you can send encrypted emails to us if you also use Protonmail.com)

– not relying on Cloudfront CDN anymore, so we are essentially cookie-free! (if you notice performance issues let us know)

– currently considering removing BCH due to potential instability ahead, ETA: February

– delayed decision on re-implementing automated crypto payments via self-hosted BTCPay server, ETA: March

– cooking up a surprise for the gaming community, no ETA though..


Modurist Design Team