Esports Premade Logo Ideas

Modurist Promo

Deployed: August 3, 2020

Modurist Promo

Good ideas are winners

All you need is an interesting esports logo idea, that’s all.

Just email it to Modurist and if it gets designed into a premade, you will get it for free – customized with your custom text and colors of course!

Since we would be adding the design to our shop, essentially you’d be getting the Logo Premade Basic plan but with your own idea, so for you personally this is closer to a free custom logo really.

Promo details

All you need to do is send your unique idea to or simply submit the contact form on the website. Make sure you mention this blog post in your message.

This is an ongoing promotion, so there’s no hard submissions deadline. You will be notified when this ends and if your idea was selected.


Over and out, until the next modlog entry.

Big smile,

Modurist Design Team