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Modurist Promo

Deployed: October 31, 2019


Remembering 2015

It’s been 4 long years, but we didn’t forget our roots and the initial work we did pro bono for the gaming community. While that promotion ended ages ago, we still get the occasional request for a free design!

Free for all

Well, it’s back!

This November, we are celebrating: let’s bring some of your ideas to life. No fee, just free custom designs!

I’m in!

All you have to do is tweet @Modurist exactly:

  • 2 words describing your logo idea &
  • preferred color scheme
  • your text

Examples of acceptable tweets:

lion, furious, red, “InstaSlayers”

symbol, magic, #FF00CC, “Moon55”

Recommended: (if available) reply to this tweet with your specs for better visibility!

The terms

If there are lots of requests, we might not get to yours.

If you fail to post specs in the correct format, we might ignore your tweet.

Requests not sent via Twitter will be ignored.

To get your logo files, DM @Modurist with your email address.

This promotion will run indefinitely and we can stop it at any point without reason and further notices.

That’s all

Hope you enjoy our initiative to still offer pro bono graphic services for the community after all this time ^_*

Have a great month!

Modurist Design Team

Useful links:

Modurist Promo Tweet

Modurist Twitter