Personal Gamer Page

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Deployed: May 6, 2020

Personal Gamer Page

The Gamer

Everyone is a gamer. Everyone just doesn’t know it or think of it in those terms.

The massive amount of CSGO hours you’ve been putting in make you a gamer.

The fact that you always seek out new puzzle games to wrap your mind around makes you a gamer.

Playing mobile games in your bathroom makes you a gamer.

Streaming all kinds of games based on your daily mood makes you a gamer.

Regularly uploading gameplay videos to YT makes you a gamer.

Being called an old school indie fanatic definitely makes you a gamer.

Everyone is a gamer!

Personal Gamer Page

Not every gamer has one, for many reasons: it’s too expensive, it’s too hard to maintain, you don’t have the skills do do it yourself or you never thought of it really.

I’m sure you are aware that life online as we knew it before 2020 is on a massive parabolic run and there’s no sign of stopping. Gaming is definitely one of the top activities people enjoy online.

Web developers have their Githubs, Stack Overflows and personal websites to show off their skills.

Artists have their personal pages and social accounts to show off their work.

Gamers only have a Steam profile and a few social profiles scattered across the web. Very few actually have a personal gamer page of their own.

The Promo

Get in touch with our team to apply for a FREE personal gamer page. Include a few of your favorite games, some social links and a brief bio.

If accepted, Modurist will design everything for you: custom personal logo, the web page and branded graphics to match!


No catch, but only a few gamers will be accepted unfortunately. Time is a finite resource.

If all goes well we might make this offer into a paid plan for people that missed it, we’ll see!


That’s all for now, go do your daily crunches!

Take care!

Modurist Design Team