Modurist Help Center

Last Update: 21/05/29

We get these questions a lot, that’s why we’ve compiled a list for your convenience.

Crypto (BTC/XMR), Skrill & TF2 keys. Need to use something different? Get in touch.
After your payment is confirmed, your project is moved to our work queue. The design is delivered after work is finished, usually within 72 business hours for custom logos.
Usually up to 72 business hours for the initial design (not including revisions).
Try composing a new email with no quotes, links or attachments. If that doesn't work use a Gmail address. This issue usually occurs with Microsoft (Outlook) addresses.
You can ask for modifications after the original graphics are delivered. Revisions are included with each plan at no extra cost. Do note that extra concepts do cost extra.
Yes! Search for a local Bitcon ATM in your area. Put cash in, get BTC sent to your wallet.
Sometimes we may accept marketable items (TF2 keys). If that's the case, prices will be higher.
Yes, we also design other graphics like banners, overlays, buttons, screens, icons and even websites. Get in touch with us if you're interested in something else.
No. We're reviewing applications from pretty much all eSports Teams, organisations and gamers.
Yes! We are currently review sponsorship applications from esports teams and content makers - guide & map makers, bloggers, youtubers and streamers.
Inkscape, Gimp and other professional FOSS software.
Exodus (BTC + altcoins) and Electrum (BTC only) are great.

If you still need help, feel free to get in touch with us via form or direct email.
We might also be available for a chat on Steam & answering DM's on Twitter.