Kamikaze, Butterfly & Vermin

Modurist Exclusive Premades

Deployed: April 11, 2019


Exclusive premade logos for new CS:GO teams

Presenting the newest designs in our shop: ta-daa!

Kamikaze esports logo

Remember when you used to shoot unarmed civilian chickens back in 1.6 on.. Italy was it? Well, no more. It’s time for a kamikaze revenge!

Butterfly esports logo

I’d like to see you drop your big daddy guns and come at us with your butterfly skills. If you have this attitude, your team deserves to own this design.

Vermin esports logo

Spreading chaos and pestilence in enemy teams. You should fear the underdogs and never drop your guard. In the end, the vermin always wins so maybe you should just surrender now.

Which one is your favorite?

Modurist surprise project

All I can disclose right now is that something new is in the making and will be launched very soon. It will be (as always) dedicated to CS:GO semi-pro/amateur teams, players and gamers. Hint: it’s not directly related to our esports designs.

Hopefully you will be as excited as our team is when you see it! Your feedback will decide the project’s fate.

Have a great day!

Modurist Design Team

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