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Updated: April 6, 2019 (Deployed: February 7, 2019)


It’s official

After listening to your feedback and suggestions, we’re proud to announce a new generation of premade logos that will start hitting our shop: exclusive premade designs!

Exclusive vs Non-exclusive

All of our premade logos are non-exclusive. This means everyone can purchase them at any time, multiple times. These designs are never removed from the shop after purchase.

The exact opposite is valid for exclusive premade designs – they are immediately removed from the shop after the first purchase, never to be added again.

With our new Logo Premade Exclusive plan you will receive the same deliverables (files, resolutions, etc) as with our Logo Custom Exclusive plan, including the Scalable Vector Graphics Files. You fully own the design!


Currently, we’ve purposefully included only a single exclusive premade logo in our shop: ~Mortality~ (edit: Mortality was sold!)

We will be adding more exclusive designs constantly, depending on your interest.

2019 still young

Yeah, as you might already expect.. we’re preparing lots of surprises this year, so check back soon or subsribe to Modurist Insights to stay in the loop!

Have an amazing month!

Modurist Design Team

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