Logo Promo Successful

Modurist Promo

Deployed: November 30, 2019

Modurist Promo

Promo ended, but..

Since it was so successful and you were so pleased with our free work, we’ll probably be back with more promotions of this kind in 2020.

Community designs

Here’s a taste of what you guys made us design during this promo:

Snake, standing open mouth, pink blue,"Snekonos" snekonos

Rose, dead, black&white, "youngbroken" youngbroken

Hornet, angry, yellow&black, "Kasus" kasus

Ken kaneki (anime character), black and white, "Spirit" spirit

tiger, rage, red, "SHAPEE" shapee

You can see more on @Modurist

Till next time!

Enjoy your holidays: stay healthy and don’t forget to smile!

Have a great December!

Modurist Design Team