Modurist 2021

Modurist Announcement

Deployed: December 31, 2020

Look within

Smile (:

Even though 2021 is on everyone’s lips right now, one can still sense a subtle feeling of dread for what is to come, but few dare mention it.

That doesn’t mean one cannot and should not smile, on the contrary, a true smile comes from within and signals strength.

Family and friends

Community. This is what’s important. Focus on what you have in terms of relationships, share and care for others. Do that instead of tunneling on what you don’t have and you will live in meditation every moment.


This has become tradition in our community. Graphics, development and sysadmin work can’t always be what you need or what makes you smile, but that’s what we can offer and how we can help others through this website.

During 2020 everyone has been taking refuge online: for entertainment, support, education and business.

Will you start something new in 2021? If so, we’ll try to deliver.

Here’s the bootstrap bonus, as always:

If you’ve ever ordered a Modurist graphic, no matter how small or how long ago, you’re eligible for a nice discount if you start your project in January 2021 and choose to work with us (again).

Get in touch to discuss details.

That’s it

Enough. Family time!

Happy New Year!

Modurist Design Team