Premade vs Custom Modurist Logos

Modurist Guide

Updated: February 6, 2019 (Deployed: April 5, 2017)

Choosing the right plan for your needs can be overwhelming and it shouldn’t be. Most of the questions we get daily can be answered quite easily by this short guide.

Which is which

1.All logos in the Modurist Shop are premade logos. Some are exclusive and most are not.

2.All logos in the Modurist Portfolio are examples of custom logos designed for clients.


Most premade logos are not exclusive. This means anyone can purchase any non-exclusive premade logo from our shop at any time. These designs are never removed from the shop.

The exclusive premade logos can only be purchased once. After that they are permanently removed from our shop. The first buyer owns the design.

Custom logos are also exclusive. We never resell the logo to anyone else.


Premade logos are only partly customizable. You can specify the text and the color, that’s pretty much everything you can control.

Custom logos are, well, one hundred percent custom made. That’s rather easy to understand.


Usually premade logos are less complex in style than the custom logos, as more time is spent in average on designing a custom logo for a client.

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