✅ Custom Logo
This bundle includes a custom and exclusive logo designed per your specifications.

✅ Exclusivity & Ownership
We will not resell your logo. You fully own the design. Use it in both commercial and non-commercial projects.

✅ < 72Hr Initial Delivery
The logo will be emailed to you within 72 business hours. The rest of the graphics will be sent after 24-48 hours.

✅ Twitch Stream Overlay
Custom overlay designed for the games/content type that you are streaming. Branded with the logo and delivered in 1080p.

✅ Twitch Cover Header
A custom header/banner that you can use on your Twitch stream. It's branded with your logo and includes sponsors and social icons.

✅ Offline/Intermission Screens
2 x Channel offline/intermission screens. Custom, includes your logo, text and social icons optionally.

✅ Under-stream Panels
Up to 15 under-stream panels/buttons, branded and delivered in 320x320 or 640x640 Twitch specific resolution. ie. about, gear, donate, sponsors, milestones, etc.

✅ Pay less with Cryptocurrencies
You can get the best price if you pay with Bitcoin & XMR. Others on request.

✅ Modurist LTS Support
Our Long-Term Support is included. You can always ask for extra panels, color scheme tweaks and even recover all your files in case of disaster. We got your back for as long as Modurist exists.

Designed for Clients:

Cvn1G Twitch Overlay Johndillingerx Twitch Offline Screen Ffalla Twitch Overlay Zaipanda Twitch Intermission Screen Valdopard Twitch Offline Screen

Submit your design idea and specifications on the next page.

Payment Options:


Get the best price when you pay with Bitcoin & XMR. For Skrill there might be a small processing fee added on top.

bitcoin-accepted  team-fortress-keys-accepted skrill-accepted


If you need to use something different just get in touch via the contact form.

Submit your design idea and specifications on the next page.

Helpful Links:

Modurist Help Center