✅ Select Any Non-Exclusive Premade
You can select any of the non-exclusive premade logos in our shop.

✅ Modurist Original
All premades are created by Modurist.

✅ Custom Text & Colors
We will modify the premade logo you selected to include your text (nick/team name) & main color scheme.

✅ Steam Ready
You will receive your logo in 184x184 resolution, to be used as Steam profile pic.

✅ Hi-res Included
The 1920x1080 version is included in this plan. It comes with a "logo-in-background" effect.

✅ < 24Hr Delivery
The logo will be emailed to you within 24 business hours.

✅ Multiple (5+1) Color Schemes
You receive your logo in 5+1 color schemes, one for each teammate and one to be used as team default.

✅ 8 Files Delivered Total
You get your logo delivered in 6 x 184x184, 1 x 1920x1080 & 1 x 800x800.

✅ Transparent Background Version Included
You will also receive a transparent-background 800x800 version of your logo.

❌ Design Not Exclusive
Basic premade designs are not exclusive and are not removed from the shop after a sale.

Select your favorite design on the next page.

Payment Options:


Get the best price when you pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or XMR.



Alternatively you can pay with Skrill or Neteller ($13), or TF2 Mann Co. keys (x8)

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