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Deployed: May 4, 2019

New Design Plans

User feedback

A few weeks ago we’ve updated our design plans and introduced some new bundles.

After considering feedback from numerous loyal clients we’ve decided we can do even better!

What changed?

  • Premade logos have two plans: Logo Premade Basic & Logo Premade Pro. One is exclusive, the other is not.

  • Custom logos have two plans: Logo Custom Basic & Logo Custom Pro.

  • Custom branding is now divided in three simple plans: Full Twitch Branding, Full Youtube Branding & Full Twitter Branding.

  1. We’ve bought back Logo Custom Basic (due to popular demand) and also added more value to it: the 5+1 color schemes, the transparent background version and all the other files in our old LCA plan are now delivered with LCB and the price is better!

  2. Logo Custom Pro, Logo Premade Basic & Pro now have even more value than ever before due to the price changes.

  3. There is less confusion surrounding the overall structure as we’ve removed duplicate bundles tailored to specific plans. However, you can still add branding to a custom logo plan and even upgrade after the fact by paying the difference between plans!

Interesting cliffs

  • you can get a basic premade logo for $5 (BTC) or $10 (others) and receive the same files as the $19 plan used to deliver
  • you can get a pro premade logo for $13 (BTC) or $25 (others) and get exclusivity, the source vector plus full ownership of the design
  • you can now get a custom logo, designed using your specifications, prices starting from $21 (BTC) or $35 (others)
  • you can also get branding for pro premades by using a branding bundle
  • each plan includes the Modurist Long-Term Support promise

See the new plans in action: /pricing.

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Have a great weekend!

Modurist Design Team

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