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Updated: 31 Dec 2020

The logo is amazing!

Experimental eSports

20 December 2020

It has been a pleasure working with you again. See you soon!

Cyber Hero

9 December 2020

Thank you very much for the designs! I may use you again sometime in the future!!!


28 November 2020

Very fast and friendly. I love the work from the modurist team. One of the best Designer for this money.

Asterion Gaming 🖇

16 November 2020

Looks great.. Thank you very much! 🖇

4 October 2020

thx for the work :)

Dobermann Music 🖇

28 October 2020

Thank you so much I really appreciate it and I’ll be sure to pass your name along to friends.

JimmiesToRustle 🖇

8 October 2020

Love the sub badges!!

Almahex 🖇

28 September 2020

The design is pretty much exactly what we were looking for!


22 September 2020

The panda looks great.

Rice Farm 🖇

20 August 2020

I like it.

Detailing Whiz

12 August 2020

It really looks awesome.


27 July 2020

Amazing job as always! I really love the font, and I really like the choice of colors on the mockup image. I especially like the orange and black and the the white and orange on black.

Vault 🖇

21 July 2020

Thank you so much!!


11 July 2020

This was a painless and amazing process. Having made the mistake of wasting money on a fiverr job (which I now call getting fiverred with no lube). I was apprehensive about having to spend more money to get what I wanted. But then I found Modurist. I didn't have good or clear specific ideas about what I wanted. As a customer I was vague and difficult. But despite that. Not only was I given exactly what I wanted in my head. It was done quickly. Communication was great. All my questions and concerns were handled with positivity and respect. I will only being using modurist for my graphics going forward.

Cerebrix 🖇

26 June 2020

Amazing experience, great communication and professional outcome. Would entirely recommend Modurist for their diverse and professional products. Will be using their services again in the future!

Progressive CFP

18 June 2020

Looks great as always!

RDR2 Roleplay Highlights

10 June 2020

Great and fast work!!! Thank you.

Mantara eSports 🖇

27 May 2020

Logo looks great and was made within the specified time given. I couldn't be happier with how it looks.

Style 🖇

22 May 2020

This is perfect thank you and I will defiantly leave a very good review.

GrannysBoys 🖇

16 May 2020

Thank you for your quick and great job! The logo looks fantastic! And thanks for the extra requests made! We will definitely recommend you! Thank you for everything!<3 <3 <3< p>


8 May 2020

Thanks again for the logo I couldn't have done it myself! If we claim further graphics, I will come back to you.

NeverLast 🖇

29 April 2020

Looks great!


23 April 2020

I love that we want to Keep this

Exen Esports

16 April 2020

This looks great!

nG 🖇

11 April 2020

A big thank you from all of the boys, they absolutely love the logo. I didn't think it would be the case but literally all of them are mighty impressed. All 22.

Team EXU

31 March 2020

you are a god. :D Amazing! thank you so much

Team Djur 🖇

22 March 2020

Perfect. Thank you very much for the designs!

Arctic Wolves 🖇

16 March 2020

This can be the final version, I really appreciate it.

Solar 🖇

7 March 2020

I love the purple white black! Looks amazing!

Keefie 🖇

28 February 2020

This is a f*cking WOW!


24 February 2020

ty very much man

Saiiy 🖇

15 February 2020

They look great!

Yeti Emotes

8 February 2020

That looks f*cking amazing, you knocked it out of the park on this one!

Maritimers 🖇

29 January 2020

Thanks alot im very happy with all the designs

Andre B.

22 January 2020

Perfect! Thanks for the nice profile picture and the fast answer by email! I really appreciate that! Good start to 2020 and good luck 😘


14 January 2020

Thx alot! Kind regards

Gandalf Gaming

4 January 2020

Hey Andy, the logo looks great, thank you very much! I might hit you back with some new ideas I got where I would like him to strike some poses. but for now this is amazing! thank you very much and I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! 🖇

27 December 2019

Wow that’s soo awesome 😊

Grim Bastards 🖇

20 December 2019

Yo! Now its perfect, thanks alot and happy xmas waiting time for you guys, lets keep in touch.

Ownage Performance 🖇

14 December 2019

They look great!


8 December 2019

Logo looks so awesome, think i want to go With the blue colour….. thanks again!

eRickzen 🖇

30 November 2019

Looks dope! Really like it ^^

SnekonoS 🖇

25 November 2019

Thank you a lot, I really enjoy this logo, you do a professional and great work even if it's free! I recommend for all CSGO teams !

Kasus 🖇

19 November 2019

Love it thank you!!!


10 November 2019

Amazing job, thank you. I’m totally happy. This is best logo for my company.

Elitcord 🖇

31 October 2019

Thank you so much, these are perfect!

FirstImpact 🖇

20 October 2019

Thanks again for the good work! My mates are very excited about the result! You are the best!

Die Alten Herren 🖇

14 October 2019

Awesome experience, design is beautiful, and guy that I talked to is very proffesional. We very recommend Modurist Services. KV:PRO Team


6 October 2019

I loved my experience working with Andy! He was super prompt even when I wasn't always; and the design was not anything I would've ever thought of. The design ended up both edgy, modern, and my style (and I would not call myself edgy or modern). This is going to completely jump start my channel! Thanks again!

Lizz Campos (LizzTwoZ) 🖇

29 September 2019

Perfect! Thanks a lot :)


22 September 2019

Looks Great Thank‘s! - Noah-Leander


15 September 2019

The price for the designs is a steal, their work is high quality. They get it done fast and are very helpful in emails. Overall, very pleased!

Fuse 🖇

9 September 2019

5/5, they are the best of the best, worth every penny!


28 August 2019

I could not have any single negative comments about Modurist. They act with patience, respect and professionalism and always deliver on time with quality commissions.

Team Conquest 🖇

20 August 2019

They look great! Purple & Blue are my favorites


12 August 2019

I asked my viewers and they loved it

Falla 🖇

5 August 2019

The logo looks great. We are very happy with the result and I wanna thank you for the great work. Not only that it looks great, you did it very fast aswell.

Masters of Mayhem 🖇

31 July 2019

These look great! I really like the green it looks awesome!


26 July 2019

Thank you so much!

Sunshyne 🖇

16 July 2019

Phenomenal and amazing work! It is exactly what we have hoped for! Thank you Modurist for the awesome work!

Enraged Pandas 🖇

8 July 2019

Great customer experience. Had many unique logos to choose from, would recommend this to service to anyone wanting a new logo or for anything!

Wachukulit 🖇

29 June 2019

Awesome, like always a pleasure to do business with you.

Octopoda 🖇

23 June 2019


Liquid 2K 🖇

16 June 2019

Great finished product - love the design. Gave us exactly what we wanted and finished it in a timely manner.

Triple Gold

9 June 2019

Everything like the Brb screen and offline screen look great and I’m happy with them! I’m also loving the feel of the logo.


30 May 2019

You're wonderful! So glad to see you're still around. Always going to be my go to if I need anything done, take it easy!


22 May 2019

Hey, I love the design, dont see anything that needs to be changed :)

2Fast 🖇

14 May 2019

Looks great, thank you!


8 May 2019

Great experience and quality. Efficient (2 weeks for Logo, Ytb and twitch branding) and quick to respond. Worth any € you'll put on. Their experience will help a lot on defining your brand. Many thanks!

Jwolf 🖇

30 Apr 2019

Excellent work.

JoeshimoTV 🖇

22 Apr 2019

Awesome Logo Designer - Fast Work - Fast updating Work. Just Perfect :)

Azure 🖇

15 Apr 2019

Very professional and fast service from the Modurist team. They made exactly what I needed in a very short period of time. Plus they accept cryptocurrency payments at an even cheaper price! 10/10

Haezzie 🖇

8 Apr 2019

Quick and helpful support, amazing work with the logos, i wouldnt change anything!


29 Mar 2019

Looking good!

The Violence Team 🖇

16 Mar 2019

10/10 customer service, The quality of the logo is really amazing 10/10 ! And a big THANK YOU for the team logo that you offered me! This site needs to be even more promoted. I will definitely buy stuff again on here.

Mistral 🖇

10 Mar 2019

My Experience with Modurist is on a Very professional Standard ! They work Fast, Clean, Detailed, and Customer Minded 100% You ask it. you Get it ! and Fast ! Love the Ideas they Come up with, it Really matches with what you were Thinking off ! Great Minds and Creators ! If you need a Logo, Do Contact these guys. they are the Best at what they do ! Thanks for Helping us out and hope to get more stuff from you guys Soon ! -Tiger

OveRRatedGamers 🖇

28 Feb 2019

Quality craftsmanship and very polite staff.

Helikaas 🖇

21 Feb 2019

It was great! Half expected a scam, however not the case. Thanks Modurist!

Pyramidion 🖇

12 Feb 2019


Juiced 🖇

5 Feb 2019

Very good, the service was very friendly and fast. The logos are aamazing, would recommend 10/10.

Legacy Eagles 🖇

31 Jan 2019

12/10 Very fast response! The Logo is awesome! If u need a logo, thats your man!!!!


23 Jan 2019

Fast Service. Nice Support. Great designs. 9/10

wlfpac 🖇

14 Jan 2019

Modurist Logos are amazing, They made exactly what I wanted and it didn't even take long to get it done. I've used it both on my steam account and twitter I have no complaints. They did everything exactly like I asked and it came out amazing. would defiantly use again.

JiNxZiE 🖇

5 Jan 2019

10/10. Fast. Easy. Professional. Andy was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I will definitely be using Modurist for any and all future work.

i420 🖇

1 Jan 2019

10/10 - through the whole process the modurist design team were helpful, understanding and cooperative, even assisting us with setting up payment options. Received above and beyond what was expected, such high quality graphics for such an affordable price. Definitely going to recommend anyone searching for a designer to modurist. You should be proud of yourselves.

7sins OCE eSports 🖇

27 Dec 2018

Very fast response! The logo we ordered turned out great! Great service! Highly recommended for logo design!

Causality 🖇

16 Dec 2018

Awesome! They create custom logos fast and it's professional. Recommend them strongly if you need a logo.

Reventual 🖇

8 Dec 2018

Insane! The logo was great and so is the full branding for my YouTube! Will definitely use this service again!


26 Nov 2018

Modurist is fast, professional, easy, personal and high quality. We are 100% satisfied!

Team Dreammakers 🖇

22 Nov 2018

They made an amazing logo, great work :)

Visual 🖇

14 Nov 2018

11/10. Extremely accommodating, professional, and their final product always goes above and beyond your expectations. I have and will only use Modurist for my graphics and I recommend them to anyone looking for a team logo, channel graphics, anything.

Coolhandluke TV 🖇

9 Nov 2018

I found the cooperation with the modurist team very good! The intensive advice and the price-performance ratio is definitely right!I would recommend it to anyone! 10 out of 10!


28 Oct 2018

Great Expierence. Nice and Skilled Staff. Very Nice and fast responding. We will use this Site definitely again.


7 Oct 2018

Modurist took my initial idea for a design and created something much better than I imagined. I am newer to using twitch and they have helped me by creating all the essentials for a twitch stream specific to the game I am playing. Truly amazing and fast service! 10 out of 10.

Salt 🖇

22 Oct 2018

10/10 love all the work you've done for me and will gladly use yous in the future, all the logos I've had made by yous are absolutely great strongly recommend using them : D

SpiritAU 🖇

16 Oct 2018

The service was efficient and professional, but what really blew me away was the quality and care put into our logo. Everything we asked for was incorporated into the design in a really creative and awesome way.


2 Oct 2018

Superb! Professional and Talented. I contacted Modurist about a custom logo and some images for my website. He exceeded all of my expectations on all the graphics he designed. Thank you so much! I'm beyond happy with the results!


24 Sep 2018

Extremely professional and prompt. Handled all my revisions and questions quickly and efficiently. Modurist is the service you have been looking for.

DanJakes 🖇

14 Sep 2018

Quick and easy and really good service for a low price.

GaijinCSGO 🖇

8 Sep 2018

10/10 This was by far the best choice I've ever made in terms logo design! It was such a pleasure working with Modurist, so polite and very fast service! Thank you so much guys for your work! We will definitely return for more work in the future! / Rick & Endless Gaming

Endless Esports 🖇

23 Aug 2018

This was a really good experience, it was a well spent 60$, the logo came in a couple of days, and the logo itself was everything I've asked for, and I really do appreciate the work put into this logo for my csgo team.

Valkyr 🖇

14 Aug 2018

Andy couldn't have designed our logo any better, we gave him a very rough schematic of what we wanted and he took it and ran with it. He blew me away with the quality of the design and with how quickly it was delivered. I would recommend Modurist to anyone looking for a logo or any other design.

ViperWeb 🖇

6 Aug 2018

Amazing and quick job. Based on a mere Idea, Modurist did a logo that fit perfectly.

Siegen Bisons 🖇

24 July 2018

Very fast and well priced! I love it! Thank you guys!

Szlev 🖇

15 July 2018

It was incredible! The logo was designed quickly and completely exceeded my expectations. I contacted with an unusual inquiry for a logo and it was done perfect!

Fury 301 🖇

6 July 2018

Very good, responsive and fast design. Modurist dealt quickly on revisions to make us the logo we desired and they did a bang up job!

Calamity Gaming 🖇

2 July 2018

My team loved the logo, I thought it was amazing. I already recommended the website to another team ! Great service and done easily. 10/10

MoonBearTEAM 🖇

23 June 2018

I love the design, really great working with Modurist! The changes i wanted were done quickly and smooth. The outcome was amazing, my team and I are very happy! I would really recommend Modurist.

Normalize 🖇

15 June 2018

Amazing work in quick time! Thank you for the new logo!

Thaisen from 🖇

11 June 2018

Probably a 10/10. Fast delivery, excellent service and we got the logo we wanted

Diego Gómez from Realeza eSports 🖇

7 June 2018

I have no Words for this great Customer Support and fast deliever experience. I got the Logo after 2 Days with an Ultra high Quality, the 90 $ Pack was completly worth it. We will buy soon new Stuff from u. Thank u Modurist.

Dauntless Esports 🖇

4 June 2018

Absolutey great, I've gotten 2 logos made from him one for my team and one for my personal logo. The service / speed is great Andy is a great guy.I 100% recommend you to use him, I love the designs they made extremely much will be using them whenever i need another design!


30 May 2018

Very nice and helpful and Impeccable work on my art. Answered fast and helped me when needed A+ service.

Fox.en 🖇

20 May 2018

Would highly recommend to anyone! This was my first time and I wasn’t very descriptive on what I wanted and they were extremely patient and understanding! Very happy with the outcome

Sloane Pepples 🖇

17 May 2018

Would highly recommend to anyone! This was my first time and I wasn’t very descriptive on what I wanted and they were extremely patient and understanding! Very happy with the outcome

Empyrez 🖇

15 May 2018

Absolute professionals worked with me through a few mistakes over the weekend and even mothers day. The logo is impressive and was finished swift and easy. A++++

Endeavor Esports 🖇

13 May 2018

Amazing work by these designers. I absolutely love my logo.

Collision Gaming | CG 🖇

22 Apr 2018

Its a super nice service and i will rate modurist 10 out of 10. They make super nice logos and other things for a small price :) so if you look for a new logo or something else, then let them do it for u :)

Jaycobzen 🖇

17 Apr 2018

After we contacted modurist with our design idea we got a fast response and soon after that the work on our new logo began. Just 3 days later we had all finished versions of the logo. Great and friendly people at modurist! We can really recommend modurist for everyone who needs a new design.

Austria-meets-Germany 🖇

14 Apr 2018

Modurist provide an excellent service with high grade work that is done in a professional manner to help everyone with their inquirys and ideas. Not only do they provide a fantastic customer service, the graphic design they provide is unique, colourful and well made to fit your request. Amazing service with a high standard.


12 Apr 2018

Really great experience working with these guys, always polite and willing to give what every i asked for. Would strongly recommend working with them!

Element Gaming 🖇

10 Apr 2018

AMAZING. Loved the design. 10/10

Chaos Elementals 🖇

9 Apr 2018

Very pleased! Always helpful and was happy change my design when asked. Overall would rate 10/10

Siberia 🖇

5 Apr 2018

Great experience! Modurist absolutely kill it when they create logo designs. This is now my third time using their services for past organizations and esports teams.

PUBG Tips 🖇

2 Apr 2018

Great communication and quick answers. Everything went super smooth and i'm really happy with the results. Prices are great and it don't take much time to get your final design. I can recommend it for sure!

Rvo 🖇

1 Apr 2018

I have got a very nice logo, fast answers via email. Amazing job, thank you again. A+++++. I already know an excellent company for the design work in the future.


27 Mar 2018

Such a good looking Logo. Fast and good Quality!

Silent Assist 🖇

24 Mar 2018

We absolutely adore our new logo! It's what I imagined but 1000x better. Perfect, thanks!

Compax AU 🖇

20 Mar 2018

One of the best Designers in the World

ClownZ eSport 🖇

16 Mar 2018

The experience was great! Any questions were answered quickly and I got the first draft within a day or two. Revisioning was super smooth as the designer took my feedback really well and implemented the desired changes. I am super happy with the result and would highly recommend them!

The Bruhssassin 🖇

16 Mar 2018

Modurist were professional, responsive and creative. They quickly sorted any problems I had and did an amazing job on the work. Their communication with the customer is great and I've had lots of great response on the logo and branding they made for my new esports organisation! I look forward to working with them again in the future!

Luxor Esports 🖇

14 Mar 2018

Nice design for great price. 🖇

5 Mar 2018

Thanks for the awesome Logo you made us. The price is very fair and it was very fast designed. It looks awesome and we see forward for more. I can really recommend the service from modurist. :)

Raging Pirates 🖇

1 Mar 2018

Amazing work! I absolutely adore my design could not be anymore satisfied. If I need anymore work done I will definitely be returning to Modurist.

Rothormi 🖇

25 Feb 2018

It was a really easy and fast process, and it turned out great. Very talented, creative, and can bring any idea you have to life.

Quarantine Esports 🖇

21 Feb 2018

Had a great experience with the Team. Amazing work in a short time. Would recommend all the time.

Main Esports 🖇

7 Feb 2018

As usual worth every penny! Thanks again guys look forward to working with you again!

Diligent Gaming 🖇

4 Feb 2018

Great Service, awesome logos! would recommend!

NRW United 🖇

1 Feb 2018

Ordered a premade logo, got it before the end of the day and am really satisfied! Thanks a lot!

Team Procyonid (tPro) 🖇

27 Jan 2018

my experience with modurist was really good. they were kind and very helpful. They also did what i wanted in the time that they advertised. overall they were really good.

t1m3less 🖇

25 Jan 2018

The logo was delivered in a very short time and the logo worth the price

TaL | TacticaL Authority eSports 🖇

24 Jan 2018

After i ordered my logo i get a very fast Response. Logo was finished in 2 days and i was pretty amazed, the finished version was better than expected. You cant get a better logo for only 39 $ in the whole Internet.

Leviathan 🖇

23 Jan 2018

Awesome and detailed work. I only can say: I'm happy :) Love you guys! -Flare

Flare 🖇

16 Jan 2018

I contacted Modurist to make my team KillForFood a logo i was pleased with their response time and how the end product ended up.

Kill For Food | KayFF 🖇

12 Jan 2018

Modurist made me a really cool looking logo for my csgo team. They did a great job creating my logo.

Osnabrueck Allstars 🖇

11 Jan 2018

Positives: - Very fast responses to emails - No drama with modifying the logo - Evidently cared about the clients satisfaction and concerns even after payment. Negatives: - The first design of the helmet was a little strange and did not align with my prior vision, however, this was modified afterwards and i was happy with the revision.

Ignis / Imperium 🖇

10 Jan 2018

Its very good service and they make the best logos you could get i would rate this 10/10. I would buy a logo everytime i need one from here. Happy new year

Forest 🖇

8 Jan 2018

The team is fantastic and an absolute pleasure to work with. They are incredibly fast and provide a very high level of service and work. I went for the $89 package and regret nothing, the finished design I got was better than i could have hoped for, and any changes I requested where finished within a few minutes. Highly recommend them for any work you need done!

Simon Davis, Cerberus Solutions 🖇

6 Jan 2018

It is perfect! Thanks @Modurist for making this Custom made logo!

Nethron Esport 🖇

1 Jan 2018

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