Spring Goodies

Modurist Promotion

Deployed: March 4, 2020

Modurist Spring Goodies Promotion

Warm winds

Spring is the rebirth of all life and of human hope!

Too much negativity is floating around everywhere these days. It’s easy to forget all the good things we can accomplish: love, caring about others and giving..

Spring Goodies

This promo is the least we can do to kickstart a fresh new season and inspire others as well.

The promotion will focus on linux gamers, charity streamers and open source enthusiasts.


Are you:

  • Mostly playing games on your Gnu/Linux machine?
  • Loving Free & Open Source Software/Games?
  • Planning a charitable live stream?

Modurist has got you covered. Pretty much any graphics you require, pro bono, exclusively designed for you and using your specifications.

If you think you are eligible, feel free to participate by getting in touch with us before April 5th.

Look away from your screen

Don’t forget to blink, drink some water, then go take a walk in the park and smile at simple things. You know, the boring stuff..

Take care!

Modurist Design Team

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