Summer 2021 Update

Modurist Announcement

Deployed: May 29, 2021

Summer update

Updated plans

As expected, the plans have been updated! See changes below.

Logo Custom Basic

++ now dedicated to individuals (gamers, streamers, youtubers, bloggers)

++ now ships with the scalable vector graphics file (SVG)

++ you can ask for one extra custom file on top of the already existing predefined files (9+1 total)

Logo Custom Pro

++ now dedicated to orgs/teams and businesses (websites, projects)

++ lifted the hard cap on total number of delivered files (was 25, now no hard cap within common sense limits)

Need help choosing?

You know you can always get in touch via the contact form or simply email directly.


More changes expected this summer, therefore a new Modlog will be posted sooner or later!


Modurist Design Team